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Nemo Hypno EX, PQ Tent


2006年NEMO 為 Primal Quest 設計比賽帳篷,所以就有了Nemo Hypno PQ (Primal Quest),因為是比賽用,所以在設計方面主要偏向:設營快,輕(3lbs),可以自立。最特別的地方就是用了NEMO的AST(Air Supported Technology),營身不是用POLE 作為支柱,是用了Air-beam,支撑整個帳篷,

但之後NEMO 把PQ加以改良,成為EX版,推出巿面給普通用家使用。EX 和 PQ 不同的地方是EX有雙門,兩個通風窗口,和營身物料改為透氣防水物料(OSMO),當然也較重,但因為兩者都是SINGLE WALL設計,所以在香港用倒汗水問題十分嚴重。

個人認為這個帳篷是一個失敗之作,或者只是NEMO的試用品,如果真的要說成功就是巿場推廣,Air-Beam設計的Backpacking Tent Nemo 還是第一,這一個系列的設計令到NEMO 在當時的巿場上可佔一地位。


Hypno PQ/EX AST,Air-beam作為支撑,但營身設計較高根本檔不了風,整個帳篷的設計不流線形,風繩位只有四個,營身兩邊和其中一條Air-beam,另一Air-beam 因為沒有風繩位所以如果風向從該邊吹黎,大家可以想像到,稍為大風帳篷就會倒下,雖然帳篷可以自已回彈,但教我如何睡得好,如果Air-beam有車軚般大我想就頂得下風。

所以這帳篷也好早就出現在STP網站上,CLOSEOUT! 也可以看到NEMO在往後幾日有沒有再出HYPNO 的後繼產品,我很欣賞AST技術,只是要用得恰當,如用在GOGOMorpho AR 上都很成功,這兩個帳篷的設計都有一個共同點,就是帳篷的高度較矮,遂道形設計,流線型。

我擁用PQ 和 EX!? 只因為我喜歡那得意的外形;)

Hypno PQ
Hypno EX

About PQ:

The Nemo Hypno 2 Person Tent is the first AirSupported tent dedicated to adventure racing.
This freestanding tent weighs less than
3 lbs, sets up in less than 30 seconds and compresses into a very small package inside its watertight stuff sack.
Hypno is designed to be simple and fast for adventures where time and weight are of primary concern.
The Nemo Hypno PQ is a Limited Edition ulra-light version of the Hypno EX tent designed specifically for the Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race 2006.

The Hypno EX by Nemo is brother to the Hypno PQ tent. The EX version features
waterproof/breathable fabric, an additional door and two deployable overhead vents. It shares the same shape and size as the PQ version, but its additional features increase comfort for extended trips and harsher climates. This freestanding tent weighs 3.7 lbs, sets up in less than a minute and compresses to roughly the size of a volleyball inside its watertight stuff sack. Front and rear Storm Doors and overhead vents ensure excellent ventilation. Hypno EX is the no compromise solution when your adventures demand that you travel light and fast. 2-4 Person Tent and Airbeams 3.7 lbs. Packed Weight 4.2 lbs. Total Area 31 sq. ft. Features Dry Bag Style Stuff Sack 2.5in. internal/external airbeams Front and rear storm doors Removable internal airbeam 30D PU coated abrasion resistant nylon floor Removable external airbeam Internally deployable overhead vents 30D waterproof/breathable shell Storm door entry allows dry entry/exit in rain and doubles as a strutted vent The airbeams remain attached during normal use, but can be removed to allow for customization or replacemen.From Moosejaw

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