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Thursday Night

14 Hours night hiking & camping trip to somewhere at Kowloon East.

In the morning and where we pitched the tents.

Morpho 1P & Meta 2p (Terry)

The view from my tent’s front door.

And this is Kowloon where millions people living here.

Way home and Sai Kung in other side.

My gear list for tonight without cooking.
(Compass, Whistle, H50 headlamp, First aid kit, Sigma DP2, Wallet, Cellphone(inside)
(2L water, my breakfast(apple), Towel, ID wind jacket, Clothing, Neoair(R), Uniqlo Down Jacket(replace sleepingbag), Morpho 1P Tent)

Posted By Tara Poky

Handcrafted outdoor gear in Hong Kong!

3 Responses to “Thursday Night”

  1. Vincent says:


  2. Tara says:

    唔係,雖然第二張相幾似,但係東九龍景 :]

  3. Lexi Wong says:

    I was wondering where exactly on Kowloon peak you camped out. Was there today and didn’t really see anywhere.


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