Nemo Ditto™ Wallet

> Price: USD 17.5 (入手價: HKD 152)
> 0.5 oz (0.01 kg)
> 8.4″ x 3.5″ (L x W open)
> 4.2″ x 3.5″ packed size
> Each wallet is unique
> Repurposed from tent fabrics

In addition to NEMO’s line of recycled bags, the Ditto™ Wallet is repurposed from old tents and production scraps. Dimension Polyant®, the manufacturer of NEMO’s hi-tech airbeam fabrics, also donated manufacturing seconds to give an even wider variety of wallet possiblities. The Ditto™ Wallet features a clear PU license window, several credit card pockets, paper bill sleeve, zippered coin pouch, additional storage, and Velcro closure to ensure your credit cards won’t slip out and your wallet stays closed. Colors and materials may vary. (詳情請看圖片)

Nemo Ditto™ Wallet 是一個很普通的錢包(多色選擇), 但在物料有著更上一層的意義令他變得不普通,是由Nemo的舊帳蓬的物料和工廠生產時的物料碎塊制成,在這方面的改進令我更喜歡Nemo 這個品牌。







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Special thanks to: Ming Jai (Wallet list photo & order)