Side Ventings of Meta 2P

監於早前試用Meta時,發覺內部的通風位用線口以虛線型式與外帳連起,令通風效果欠佳。當左右兩邊外廳完全拉上時,更有少許悶熱感覺(圖1)。然而,此透氣位的設計有別於較早前於Backpacker Magazine 短片所介紹的(圖2)。故此,就上述問題以電郵向Nemo Equipment查詢,並節錄了部分內容,詳見如下:

My Question:
“I knew this part is to assist and allowing a good ventilation. However, when I sleep inside the tent and the vestibule are fully closed, I cannot feel any air movement through this part(Head and Foot Side) to get into the tent. Because I saw a fabric cover this partand knit together with the shell fabric, I feel little bit muggy when I inside the tent, although there has another two upper vent construction in the top of the tent. This design are totally different form the video of
Backpacker Magazine, in the video, there has no any fabric to cover this venting part. So is it a different version of this tent, or my meta is revised and improved version?

NEMO’s reply by Director of Product Design:
“Great question! Your Meta 2P is a revised and improved version of the sample you saw in Backpackers video. Their version, an early sample, was not tacked along the length of the vent. In testing we discovered that without tacking, the inner part of the vent became limp when the outside of the vent was tight. Because this fabric was limp, condensation that rolled down the sides was sometimes able to pool on the fabric inside. You can see this limp fabric in the picture you sent from the video.

The main purpose of the side vents is to create more volume for your head and feet, and provide a way for condensation to run out of the tent. Because the mesh under the vent is exposed, there will be some movement of air between the side vents, even if you can’t feel it. Almost all of the ventilation should come from the two mesh walls of the tent, which are very large. The vestibules are cut high above the ground to let a lot of air flow through. However, if this is not enough in very humid conditions (like Hong Kong), roll back one or both of the vestibule doors to expose more mesh. Use the blue cord to tension the trekking pole in place if you want to roll back both vestibule doors.”

圖1 (現時版本,間段地縫合令到通風效果大減)

圖2 (Backpacker Video 介紹版本,可以見到白色框線物料沒有縫合)

Nemo 所指的Limp fabric(因為沒有間段縫合而造成的中間下垂形一個V形)




按Nemo的回覆,強調與較早前Backpacker Magazine 比較,現時已是改良了的版本。明顯通風位用線口以虛線型式與外帳連起,主要是另內營的頭部及雙腳部份能釋放出更多空間,減低因物料中間部分之下垂之阻礙,這點我沒有異議。而關於凝結所產生的積水問題,我只能說一句,未免太誇張罷了!但以香港的情況,潮濕及倒汗水的情況可說是非常嚴重,亦會有這個可能發生的。

Nemo已解答了我的疑問。然而那邊相,友人卻略嫌這個改動頗為一般,感覺整個過程是匆忙了事解決罷了!而我認為,全因是名牌效應而已,趕緊出貨交付零售商,匆忙的改動亦可體諒!相信Meta 2P 好快會有更高質素的改良版本。但無論如何,這也無減我對它的忠愛!