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Summer Saturation




白色的一堆? 找來Jason的品牌「PiCharPaK WorkSHop」之前的雙門白色小金字塔樣品玩玩,改進的空間還有很多,期待。


當然很想念Locus Gear的小金字塔Khufu Sil,多美的線條呀,忍不住囋嘆幾聲,你又點睇金字塔?


Khufu Sil 近乎完美的工藝是我MYOG的目標,整隻帳蓬沒有多餘的一針或一線,簡而實的設計的工藝。


友人今天的裝備主題是充氣地蓆,當中你又最喜歡哪一張呢?會是火熱的Cosmo Air 還是Prolite 就夠了呢? 挺期待他進一步的分享。


單從顏色,形狀等我想你也猜到各張了吧? 今天主要還是Therm-A-Rest 和 Nemo 之爭而已。




充氣進行中,這個充氣輔助的東西,試用後真的很不錯,一張Neoair R約用兩次就可以充滿吧,也不費力。


DAC Featherlite NSL GREEN 用上這型號帳杆的暫時還不太多品牌,又是很贊的工藝。


友人的新歡,889克的單人全自立雙層帳,還有挺大的前營 – NEMO出品。


中秋過後的半月,Tension後的OBI和重量還是有些少令人心動 – Nemo Obi Elite Tent




Posted By Tara Poky

Handcrafted outdoor gear in Hong Kong!

7 Responses to “Summer Saturation”

  1. Terence CK says:

    Hi Tara!!

    Thanks for sharing your gears! I’m interested to the instaflator, could you pls tell me where you can get them? Thanks again!!


  2. Timble (Admin) says:

    My friend help me to get this, you may found it on eBay. Keyword “The Instaflator”, good luck. 😛

  3. Calvin says:

    Locus Gear~~哇~~是日本訂的嗎?太令人心動啦

  4. Calvin says:

    Hi 🙂

    I think I am going to buy a khafra sil with the bug net (the bigger one with height 170cm). But just not sure about a few things hope you can give me some suggestions:) First it’s about the ventilation, is it okay to use it in hot summer nights in HK? Second, do you bring alone with the bug net, if no what are the replacement? Third, people say the sil nylon makes loud noise if it is placed in windy area, is it true? Lastly, do you think it could accommodate four person or two person comfortably?? Sorry for asking so many, cos information of it is not easy to find =.=

    Thank you very much!

    • Tara Poky says:

      The Khafra is good with very roomy space, I will recommend it.
      The vent are better than most of the tent in the market and you can set it higher (over 170cm) for better vent.
      I dont bought the bug net as I don’t use it, locus gear also offer custom half bug net for Khafra.
      That’s true sil make loud noise than others when the tent are not tension well. As my observation and my Khufu sil, Locus Gear tents with good patterns, design and craftsmanship. The tent tension prefect which no/or little chance to make noise under wind. The Khafra are bigger than my other brand’s 4person pyramid tent, so for me it’s very roomy and light.

      Hope this help 😛

  5. Calvin says:

    Thank you that’s wonderful! I have been thinking I will buy a golite prymaid tent. But now I will choose Khafra as if the bug net could be tailor made into half. Thanks! Looking forward to use it. 🙂


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