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MYOG iPad Case

The label ‘GO OUT’ make the MYOG project look like as a whole. What do you think? 😀


Recently start loving MYOG and I finally got a new sewing machine so this is my 2nd MYOG project and the first one is a hipbelt pocket. Before this case my iPad haven’t got any case for it and I am enjoying the time with the no case iPad but something when it putting into your bag with other stuffs you will think I need a case for it. So I know this is nothing about outdoor gear but a iPad case which using outdoor materials, like the X-Pac, guyline is all I love to made.

I made this case about 2 hours work and it’s another Mid-night handcrafted. It’s about 12PM that night and I can’t sleeping as I am exciting about my new Toy, finally I woke up and making this case. No pattern, no sketch work for this case, all just in my mind. Simply cut the X-Pac and 3D Mesh which are the outer and inner fabric and add some webbing and cord lock.

Case for Apple iPad 1


Weight: 52g

Dimensions: 260*210*7mm


Outer: X-Pac VX07, Inner: 3mm 3D mesh, Others: 1.5mm guyline, elastic cord and snap hook.

The materials you need for this MYOG.

This is the case!

The X-Pac pattern, can you see that and hands on you can feel the soft of the 3D mesh. Simple design, X-Pac for the outer and inner with 3mm 3D Mesh sewing together. And on the 3 side with 3 small webbing loop for the 1.5mm cords which also using a stronge cord lock at the end.

Taken it out just release the cord lock the move the guyline to the side.

 The idea of using cords make the case more complex but also make it more outdoor style, isn’t it? Picture above you can attach your note book, pen ..etc. And a elastic cord at the side with a snap loop which you can snap anything on the top of your case and to make it more stable of it.

21.9.2011 Update:

昨晚手痕, 又另一習作。因為近日玩灰黑色的X-Pac太多有點厭, 想起還有Cuben在, 所以就搞了個玩玩。Cuben比我想像的更容易縫, 戶外用品現在選擇用Cuben真的可免則免了, 而用在非戶外用品還是不錯的玩意。那透明感, 還有上手的聲音, 還有就是越用越殘舊的痕跡。



There are a few things I want to improve it in the next version of that case. Enjoy MYOG

Special thanks Jason who help to order the X-Pac.