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解鎖反應堆 MSR Reactor

MSR Reactor 這個過熱熔斷保護裝置,就是爐體內部的進氣嘴部位,有一個彈簧頂針,頂針端頭是一個遇熱可以融化的部件。融化以後堵塞進氣嘴,氣爐就熄滅了,這就是所謂的「反應堆鎖死」 。

15 May
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MYOG : Alcohol Stove

It was Fun to start making Alcohol stove! This was the first one that run most efficiency! This stove was inspire by a master Japanese alcohol stove maker! Size: Dia 52mm x tall 40mm Weight: 21.3 g capacity: 2oz / 60ml

6 July


Soto OD-1R Stove 入手簡單分享。