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Cuben Wallet – Waben


這個是我見過手工最好的Cuben Fiber Wallet,網友Moma-Moma 在大本營討論區貼文分享,令人眼前一亮不止是錢包的手工好,是因為Cuben Fiber。Moma-Moma來自Sail Industry 上一篇文章我也有提及到Cuben Fiber 原先是設計網Sail 所有的物料,所以Moma也會熟悉此物料。這個錢包是他在2006年的作品,在得到他的同意下在此分享更多相片。

“The cuben using on this wallet is CN9K.5.(around 1.2- 1.3oz./sqyd) @48inch width for sail making.
this is thick enough to be wallet however it also keeping it light weight.”

via: moma-moma
Discus on Basecamp
Moma-Moma’s Website

Posted By Tara Poky

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2 Responses to “Cuben Wallet – Waben”

  1. Vincent says:

    So cool, hope can get one soon~

  2. Tara says:

    Yup! hope to get one too..


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