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Picture via Handmadeofwood

Picture via Flickr

Picture via Handmadeofwood

聖誕就到啦,大家準備好去迎接這三天的假期了嗎? 今日講講近日留意的裝備 – Kuksa,和「聖誕老人的故鄉」都幾相近,不是鄉里也是隔離村吧。

Kuksa是薩米地區(北極圈內)的原住民薩米人的傳統工藝 – 水杯,有著上千年的歷史。最原始的Birch Burl Kuksa 是由樺木樹榴部分雕刻而成,全手工制成,所以每一隻都十分獨特,而一個構造好的杯是可以用上一輩子的。薩米人一般把杯掛在腰間,多在戶外活動時使用,冬天時用杯一邊喝著鹿奶一邊給雙手取暖,也是這杯的主要功能,此杯是全天然材料制成,一般也不建議使用任何化學物品去清洗,只是清水洗一洗便可,再者是薩米人希望木頭吸收其飲料(如:鹿奶)的味道,使到這味道永遠留下去。


Picture via Experttease

至於原始的Kuksa不是我所要的,一來價格十分昂貴,二來木制品對於潮濕地區來說使用上還是不太好,不耐用。再者還是較重,怕用上幾次後就不要留在家中了,至於吸味還可以,但如何有價錢較低的還是想入手~.~。最後Kuksa 背後的故事,文化,工藝還是值得大家去關註。
在找尋Kuksa 途中,找到了頗有趣的代替品,現代版的Kuksa嗎? – Kupilka (有興趣可以去看看,分享就等入手後了)


Image via used under the licensed of CC:


Posted By Tara Poky

Handcrafted outdoor gear in Hong Kong!

10 Responses to “Kuksa”

  1. Jeff says:

    hi, first time leave comment here.

    This cup is amazing, but wonder how to purchase it.

  2. Tara says:

    There are lots on the internet but to make sure they are handcrafted and made from Brich Burl are difficult.

    A Finland blogger suggested, and
    And as I mention above, this guy also make for sale.
    I think you can try to contact them/ order.

    I don’t own a real Kuksa as the price~.~
    Good Luck

  3. Jeff says:

    Thx for the website. Just check with, and one costs 120 ~.~
    I think Kupilka is affordable. But when I check with the UK dealer website, it is pity that the dealer doesn’t offer international shipment

  4. Tara says:

    Yes, for a “Birch Burl Kuksa” cost $235..
    Kupilka not bad and I going to order it too, if you wanna order it send me an email. :]

  5. QUN says:


  6. Tara says:

    Qun, 你男友話唔買喎。

  7. Ian says:

    Hello there, I was just looking in as I saw that my photos are linked to here and I wondered why. If you are interested I do ship internationally and accept payment via Paypal. The burl wood I use is a special wood, not least because it is rare, but mostly because the patterning it has is unparalleled, and the strength of the wood is high in every direction.

    Don’t forget that there is also information on my website about how to make one of your own, in the true spirit of kuksa, or to give a as a gift to someone.

    Have a god day fellas,

  8. Ian says:

    I thought might also be interested that I mainly drink puerh and keemun from my kuksa when out camping, I have a double-walled glass flask for making it in. In the picture above you can see some ‘camper’s puerh’ being made in the pan!


  9. Tara says:

    Hi, LAN,
    Your Kuksa just awesome! I m just get to know about the Kuksa, thanks for the info above!
    Big thanks.

  10. […] OUT 以”KUKSA“ 作小禮物送出! 什麼是KUKSA? Kuksa是薩米地區(北極圈內)的原住民薩米人的傳統工藝 – […]


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