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第二天清晨,陽光十分暖和,也叫醒了大家。這次帶了我十分喜歡的Nuk Tuk出行,兩個人訓四人營,很爽。


Terry 這次帶了充氣的坦克車到來,一人享受此美景。(喜歡Nemo Green)



Posted By Tara Poky

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One Response to “憩一憩.離島”

  1. yin says:

    hey, seriously you did a good job on introducing all the stuffs.
    it was my first time to take time and look at your blog,it actually shows more than what I thought.
    hhaa..remember the first time we went on camping? it was like 8 years ago, and i cant believed you will go that far.
    the idea you share today, it’s good, it’s like once in a lift time thing, you should go for it, since/if thats what you like and what you only can contribute when you r young. trust me, I can provide what i promised as long as you make up your mind. enjoy.

    you should hv set up a function for invisible the comments=___=


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