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15 October
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15 May
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MYOG : Alcohol Stove

It was Fun to start making Alcohol stove! This was the first one that run most efficiency! This stove was inspire by a master Japanese alcohol stove maker! Size: Dia 52mm x tall 40mm Weight: 21.3 g capacity: 2oz / 60ml

18 February

Field: EBY255

Did you still remember the Evernew EBY255 Alcohol Stove? It makes everything easier, slower n quite.

5 March

EBY255 實測

Evernew Ti Dx Set (0EBY255) 家中廚房作基本測試分享。

2 March

Evernew Titanium DX Set(EBY255) 入手

喜歡用酒精爐但無奈Trangia酒精爐系統十分巨大/重。EBY255 的出現,簡約的設計,走超輕的路線,全SET只有86g…