Field: EBY255

Did you still remember the Evernew EBY255 Alcohol Stove? It’s Hot product when it first release on the market and the days that everyone waiting for it. I got this from the Rakuten Japan online store with a good price and love it so much. There are unboxing , first look posts about it too.(see below) Today, after few months and several times of using this stove, time to sharing some comments about it! How’s it, is it good for you?

Firstly, I use this only for my lightweight trip and for simple cooking, just like hotpot warming up the food and eat!
Once again don’t you remember his weight? It’s only 89g for the whole set, it’s super light in weight and small pack size, normally packed inside the cookset or pot. The real light weight of it and one more fav is using alcohol as fuel it’s quite when burning, there are no more nosie n you can focus enjoying the nature!

As simple cooking with simple cookware and stove, make everything slower, quite and easier for you!
Unpack the stove and filling the alcohols and setup the stand, light the fire, wait few seconds and now put the pot on the stand! Few minutes later, the water boiled and start putting your food inside, close the pot cover…wait few minutes again, when the stove start lower in power, the fuel are nearly gone that mean your meal are ready!
Pick up your chopstick and enjoy your dinner! 😀
This is what I like, make everything easier, slower n quite. The flame is so beauty too.

After a few times of using this stove, you will know how many fuel you have to fill for the next cooking! Normally, the burning time for 30ml/fuel around 5 minutes n 60ml around 9m45s.
Good for your next lightweight backpacking trip!
-Write on my iPad 17 Feb night.