PiCharPak 1P Spin Tarp

A nice weekend trip under good weather which are Red Rainstorm signal and strong wind to Sai Kung, with these two 1P Spin Tarp by PiCharPak WorkShop. Those 1P Spin tarps are prototype and we have a chance with them for a weekend, below are some snaps! Enjoy the great photos by Klas Wong, our photographer.

The two 1P Spin Tarp which made by .75oz Spinnaker in green and sea blue color.

0% Stitching, the whole tarp are using tape to join together. This is interesting and is it really work well with tapes?

1P Spin Tarp, the name already told us it’s for 1 person use and the fabric is Spinnaker, also with the 1.1mm exclusive Dyneema reflective guy line.

Another color, the shape looks great and the minimalist, clean design!

Close up on the edge, the colored edge looks great!

This is the main seam, the middle seam of joining two parts.

Length 264cm
Front width 175.5cm
rear width 138.5cm
Weight 210g (included 1.1mm dyneema reflective guy-line and CL266G set of 6)

Website: http://www.picharpak.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Picharpakworkshop