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I am looking for this type of guyline for a long time, it’s Dyneema, Reflective, Sharp color, also the samll diameter and lightweight. Finally Jason from PiCharPak WorkShop present to us.

The PiCharPak WorkShop‘s exclusive Dyneema reflective guyline for their products. There are 1.1mm and 1.5mm in lime-yellow green with 2 reflective wires and the loading are 67kg and 93kg for 1.1/1.5mm. It will be available soon, please leave a comment if you are interest(sold per 10meters).

This is 1.5mm guyline with luminous mini-lineloc. For me, due to the loading 1.5mm had 93kg, it’s better for shelter’s guyline with this mini-lineloc.

So here is the 1.1mm,  it also fit in the mini-lineloc above but I will consider use it as stuff sack or other easy handle stuff’s guyline.

Diameter: 1.1mm / 1.5mm
Loading: 67kg / 93kg
Color: Lime-yellow green
Price:  /
Others: Reflective